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The foundation, has the deep insight in contributing for the preservation and restoration of ancient Indian yóga system. Indian Yoga Association has recognized  as an Associate Centre. Millions of people across the globe have to invoke the multidimensional concepts of yóga and its higher order disciplinary codes derived from संख्यसुत्र (sāṅkhya philosophy) propagated by the nobles of the ages.

Your Thoughts Create Reality, that is the World around You

All that we are, is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything, what we think we become.By utilizing our thoughts and shifting our emotions, instructing them to be harmonious and vibrant.

The ideology of Intellect Foundation is to resurrect the ancient Indian yoga system originated from sāṅkhyasūtra.

Ancient Indian meditation programmes  are primordial based on crystal energy to harness the power in order to foster energy transformation, which enhance interpersonal skills. 

The process initiates to establish meta cognition in every aspirant by invoking the inherent powers within, for that, the meditation programmes have been derived to initiate the specific needs of the aspirants.

Visual perspective is the ability to interpret the surrounding environment through colour vision. Our thoughts are the primary creative forces in our lives. In order to change external conditions, we must initially change the internal to over come from the thwart. In other words, it is awakening of intelligence, has the ability to change their minds and others as well. Our thoughts create reality: all that we are, is the result of what we have thought the mind is everything, what we think we become. 

# 48 days life transformation

The foundation’s project proposals are:

Organising yóga events; conferences, debates through forums, publishing the contents for distribution and volunteering opportunities in order restore and promote primordial yoga techniques, practices originated in the ancient Indian subcontinent.

Grants will be provided to individuals/ groups/ organisations in exploration and research works on esoteric primordial practices of yóga and other allied as well as restoration activities.

Intellect Foundation has been established twenty five kilograms of spaṭika for dhyāna. Aspirants harness crystal energy during meditation to overcome cognitive dissonance and achieve soft power. The mind loses waywardness, amenable further becomes docile in the process, thereby transition to coherence. Those who have the intelligence will find out their path of wellbeing themselves with impeccable memory.

Aspirants usually undergo task based specific programmes to achieve measurable competencies by means of svādhyāya (स्वाध्याय). These premier programmes are designed on deep rooted inner concepts of the modern science with ancient wisdom of veda saṃskṛti (वेद संस्कृति).

svādhyāya (स्वाध्याय) self discipline of ashtanga yóga i.e. yama, niyama, āsana, prāṇāyāma, pratyāhāra, dhāraṇa, dhyāna, samādhi, and samyama. It has two aspects, practice and realisation.

Foundation has designed need based programs for the aspirants, just focused on building skills of personal productivity. These are process innovative  programs, which act as a ray of hope in order to overcome from despair and improve the quality of life. 

Aspirants, who seek the new beginning in their lives are welcome to Intellect Foundation

At dawn

Aspirants program schedule : 4:00 am – 7:00 am

At dusk

Foundation functional activities : 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

dhāraṇā (धारणा) is transformation of the mind level, after alignment of the body with mind. It is a perfect yógam (योगम्) to proceed further for samyama (सम्यम्).


Common yóga protocol forms the foundation for the internal cleansing of the physical body, it also attributes to stress management.  स्तिरसुखासनम् the posture that is firm and comfortable. All the postures are based on sine quo non and are prerequisite to task based programs. 

spaṭika:Ultrafine crystalline quartz, spaṭika that stands for the manifestation of the divine purity of the mind. In other words, it would register the images esoterically into the deep inner consciousness for better living in higher order level.

You are a mass of energy and you function on frequency of vibrations. You will experience deepest insight during this process.